Sharing the right aspects of yourself at work is an art form

8. The fact that after work by someone else are

Announcing your goals at work, when they are in direct conflict with the interests of other persons acting as selfish and indifferent to those with whom you work and society as a whole. The staff are great the whole team wants to be successful, not only themselves. Regardless of your actual motives (some of us really do work just for the money), announcing your selfish goal will not help to get there.
9. How wild are used to being at school

Your past can be many things to say about you. Just because you’re 20 years ago something funny or stupid, does not mean that people believe that you have developed since impeccable judgment. Some behaviors that could qualify as just another typical day in the fraternity (binge drinking, minor theft, drunk driving, people who abuse or pets, etc.) shows that everyone you work, when you need, poor judgment you have and do not know where to draw the line. Many presidents were elected in spite of his past indiscretions, but if you protect a team of managers and types of PR and to have the image of spider, you must keep your sordid past for themselves .
10. How they are intoxicated as

You might think, to talk about how you were drunk on weekends no effect on how you saw him at work. After all, if you are a good worker, you’re a good worker, huh? Unfortunately no. Share this will not think about the people you enjoy. Instead, they give you so unpredictable, immature, and see little good judgment. Too many people have negative opinions of drugs and alcohol for you to show how much you love to indulge in them.
11. A bad joke

If there is one thing we learn of celebrities, it is cautious about what you say and who you have to say. To make offensive jokes other people feel terrible, and they make you look horrible. They also happen to be much less funny than smart jokes.

A joke crosses the line when you try to assess their adequacy, depending on how close you are with someone. If there is someone who would be offended by your joke, you better not tell. You never know who people know, or what their life experience that can result in your mind to discuss the issues to be taken very seriously to occur.


As anger of bird flu rises Hampton Creek

This 23-year-old entrepreneur wants to change the way you listen to music Change

5 aspects emotional intelligence required for effective leadership

11 things make people productive ultra differently

3 Basic things Barbara Corcoran learned from their parents
12. The fact that the job search are

When I was a child, I told my baseball coach that I was leaving in two weeks. For the next two weeks, I found myself riding the bench. It worsened after two weeks, when I decide to stay, and I was “a child who has not even be here.” I am devastated, but it was my fault; I told him my decision, before it was safe.

The same happens when you tell people that you are seeking employment. Once you show that you intend to leave, you should suddenly be a waste of time for everyone. There also will not succeed the possibility that your hunt is, so it is best to wait until you have found a job before you tell anyone. Otherwise you will be the bank at the end of the race.
Bring together

Let me know what you think of this list. Are you disagree with any of these items? Have I ever? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, I learn as much from you as you make me.

five things successful people never reveal about themselves at work

You can not build a strong professional network, if you are not open to your colleagues; but this is difficult because revealing the bad things can have a devastating impact on your career.

Share the good aspects of yourself in the right way is an art form. Information such as the constructors relationship or any feeling, but when clearly not our Wind retrospectively.

The trick is to catch up before this limit, because if you share something, there is no turning back.

Talent chip has tested and found that the upper echelons of the superior performance with people of high emotional intelligence (90 percent more efficient, to be exact) are filled with more than a million people. Emotionally intelligent people are able to read the other, and it shows you what you should and should not show to work on themselves.

The list of the 12 most common things that people show that sending her career in the wrong direction.
1. What they hate their job

The last thing anyone wants to hear at work, someone is about how much she hates her job. It labels you as a negative person and not a team player. This reduces the morale of the group. Bosses are quick to hang opponents to shoot low morale, and they know that there is always enthusiastic replacement waiting just around the corner.
2. they think someone is unable

There will always be incompetent people in every workplace, and chances are that everyone knows who they are. If you do not have the power to help them improve or dismiss them, then you have nothing to gain by sending their disability. Announcing your colleague’s incompetence as an attempt of insecurity to do better. Your indifference will inevitably you “follow back to you in the form of negative feedback from your employees.
3. How much money they make

Your parents love, all about how much you are pulling in every month to hear, but at work, the only breeds negativity. It is impossible to assign salaries with perfect equity, and revealed employees allows a direct measurement of the comparison. Once everyone knows how much you earn is all you considered doing the work of your income. It is tempting to exchange salary figures with a buddy of curiosity, but once you do, you will never see go by the same road to the other.
4. their political and religious beliefs

Political people and too narrow religious beliefs with their identity tied to discuss without incident at work. Disagree with a view to someone else their otherwise strong perception to change quickly. Given the basic values ​​of someone is one of the most insulting things you can do.

Certainly, to treat different people, different politics and religion, but say your values ​​may alienate some people as quickly as other intrigues. Also raise a hot button event without demanding a strong opinion can lead to conflicts.

People build their lives around their ideals and beliefs, and give them your two cents is risky. Be prepared to enter other without something on your side, because all it takes is a disapproving look, listen to trigger conflict. Political opinions and religious beliefs are so entrenched in demanding people be tried as change their minds their opinion.
5. What do you do on Facebook

The last thing your boss wants to see when they log in, their Facebook profile pictures of you are in the tequila in Tijuana. There are just too many ways that you can look incongruous on Facebook and leave a bad impression possible. It could be what you wear, you are with, what you do, or even your friends comment. It’s the little things that can cast a shadow of doubt in the minds of your bosses or colleagues when they ask you for a great mission, or recommend you for a promotion.

It is too difficult to try to censor on Facebook for your colleagues. Save yourself the trouble and are not friends there. Let your professional network LinkedIn “social”, and save Facebook for everyone.

Ultra-productive people achieve more because they think differently

When it comes to productivity, we all face the same challenge – there are only 24 hours in a day.

However, some people SCCM double-time; They have an incredible ability to get things done. Even when juggling many projects fail, you achieve your goals without.

“Time is really the only capital that any human being white, and lose the one thing he can not afford.” –Thomas Edison

We all want to get more out of life. There is probably no better way than that by looking for ways to meet more to do with the precious time you gave.

It feels amazing when you leave the office after an ultra-productive day. It is a high work, which is hard to beat.

With the right approach, you can get there every day.

You should not work together or push you harder – you just have to work smarter.

The ultra-productive people know. As you move through your day, you rely on hacks productivity, make electronic money more effectively. You squeeze every drop of each hour without spending an extra effort.

The best thing about hacks thesis is, they are easy to implement. The easy way to start, as you today.

Give them a lecture, ‘give em a whirl and see your productivity soar.

1. Tap on things they never twice

Productive people never everything. In a holding pattern because touching two things is a huge waste of time you email or telephone call to go further not save. Once you have something draws your attention to address these, delegate or delete shoulds.

2. Prepare for tomorrow, before leaving the office

Productive people end each day for the next prepaid. This practice can be realized two things: it helps to solidify what you have done today, and you will need to ensure a productive future. It only takes a few minutes and is a good way to end your work day.

For every minute of the entire organization, one hour is earned. –Benjamin Franklin

3. They eat frogs

“Eating a frog” is the best antidote to procrastination and ultra-productive Every morning people start with this tasty treat. In nec words, they least appetizing, the most feared items on your list of things to do before you After another thing Thu. have released them to fight against the things that excites and inspires em.

4. fight against the tyranny of the urgent

The tyranny of the urgent refers to the tendency of things that have been done have now in the way of what really matters is obtained. This creates a huge problem urgently often shares little influence.

If you succumb to the tyranny of the urgent, you will find yourself going for days, weeks or even without touching the big thing. Productive people are good at spotting when setting fires is getting in the way of their performance, and they are ready to ignore or delegate the things that get in the way of the real movement forward.

It’s what we most want, we use this worse goal. –William Penn

They 5th floor on the board during meetings

The meetings are the biggest waste of time. The ultra-productive people know that a meeting ever draw your permission, so that everyone knows at the start that they keep on schedule. This sets a limit This motivates everyone to focus more efficient and more.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. –Michael Altshuler

6. Say

Not a word is powerful ultra-productive, that people are not afraid to swing. When it’s time to say no, to avoid them. Phrases as I do not think I can, or I’m not sure to say no to a new commitment to honor their existing commitments and gives you the ability to respond successfully em.

Research at the University of California is headed to San Francisco, shows take-Que The biggest difficulties you say no, the more likely you are to stress, burnout, depression, and even experience. Know that you are not, and it will lift your spirits and your productivity.

You have to say No to remain “focused

Alberto Pearlman, co-founder of Zumba, priority tasks on your contribution to the company’s philosophy.

7. It was only checking email specified time

Do not let the ultra-productive people, his mail at a constant interruption. In addition to checking email was the calendar, use the functions prioritize messages by sender. Set alerts for most major suppliers and their best customers, and save the rest until they reach a point of stopping. Some people put an autoresponder that allows you even know the sender, when they will be a return email.

8. Do not multitask

The ultra-productive people know that multitasking is a real productivity killer. Research at Stanford University is carried out confirmed that multitasking is less productive than doing one thing at a time. The researchers found that people who regularly with several streams of electronic information do not pay attention bombarded with recall information or to move from one job to another as well as those. Complete task at a time

The goal is, if some people-a special gift for multitasking? Stanford Researchers compared groups of people based on their tendency to multitask and their belief that this will help your performance. They found that heavy multitasking – those great multitasking and improves the feeling that their performance – multitasking actually worse than those who like to do on one thing at a time. Worst frequent multitasking because they them. To organize their thoughts and filtering more difficult to irrelevant information, and they were slower switching from one task to another opinion Ouch.

Reduces your efficiency and multitasking performance, because your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. If you try to do two things at once, your brain does not have the capacity to carry out both tasks.

9. You go out of your network

Do not be afraid to go off the grid, you must be logged in. Give a person a number of confidence in an emergency call, and let that person be your filter. Everything has to go through ’em, and they do not have to wait a little clearer. This strategy is a way to bullets complete projects with a high priority.

A man becomes just a week’s worth of one year, while another man gets a critical year value of one week. –Charles Richards

10. Delegate

The ultra-productive people accept the fact that they are not the only talented person in their learning organization. You rely on people for their work, so they. On their own focus

11. Technology put to work for them

Technology captures a lot of criticism for it, knows a distraction, it can help Also you want to focus. The ultra-productive people put technology to work for ’em. About the establishment of filters in their email accounts, so that messages are listed in order of priority and, as they come, use applications such IFTTT Who sets up unexpected on your smartphone and alert you when something something big happens. This way, if your favorite stock price has some gold you have an e-mail message from your best customers, you know. There is no need to constantly check your phone for status updates.


We are all looking for ways to more efficiently and productively. I hope that the thesis strategies will help you find something special.

What do you think hacks rely on productivity? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, I learn as much from you as you make me

5 aspects emotional intelligence required for effective leadership part 2

Self-regulation: Also known as a discipline. This includes the control or redirect disruptive change our emotions and adapt to the circumstances, the team travels to keep in a positive direction.

The employees can not afford to lose their cool itself. As calm is contagious as panic. If you can not take a leadership role longer afford to panic when stressful things. If you stay calm and positive, you can think more clearly and communicate with your team.

Empathy and compassion: empathy is the ability to put themselves in someone else and to understand how they feel or respond to a particular situation. If you have empathy, capacity for compassion is open. The emotion we feel in response to suffering to help a motivated desire.

The more we be in relationship with others, the better we understand what motivates them and encourages them to be.

Relationship Management: You can not make deep connections with others when you are distracted. Many of us have families, other commitments, and crazy to do list, but building and maintaining healthy and productive relationships is essential to the ability to attract higher emotional intelligence.

You must have the ability to communicate effectively in a team of people to move in a desired direction and properly manage relations.

Effective communication: In SEAL teams you do three things in order for the operator, and effective team member to be: Move to shoot, and communicate. Communication-being of the utmost importance. Studies show that effective communication is 7%, the words we say and 93% body language and tone.

Misunderstandings and lack of communication are usually the basis of most problems between people. Otherwise, in order to communicate effectively in the workplace leads to frustration, bitterness and confusion among the staff. Effective communication can remove barriers and promote stronger relationships in the workplace. If people know their role within an organization and understand how they benefit the overall direction and vision, there is a sense of value and performance. The good results of communication in the orientation and a common mind.

Emotional intelligence is a powerful tool to overcome the critical objectives, improving critical labor relations and create a healthy and productive work environment and organizational culture.

5 aspects emotional intelligence required for effective leadership part I

Emotional intelligence is widely known to be a key element of effective leadership. The harmony sensitivity capability with yourself and be your emotions, and with the sound situational awareness can be a powerful tool for managing a team. The act of knowing, understanding and responding to emotions, coping with stress in the moment and how your words and actions affect others, such as emotional intelligence described. Self-confidence, self-management, empathy, relationship management, and effective communication: emotional intelligence management can consist of these five attributes.

As a Navy SEAL veteran, businessman and leader of one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the country, I experienced many emotions and very aware of how these emotions can inspire a positive impact or negative and my ability to lead a team, Many people try to stop their feelings, but as much as we deny and distort bury our emotions and memories, we can not always eliminate it.

You can learn to be emotionally independent and earn attributes you. Emotional Intelligence by connecting to basic emotions, accept, and how they can affect your decisions and actions

The behaviors and the challenges of emotional intelligence in the workplace refer Performance possibility is a huge advantage in building an outstanding team. One of the most common factors that lead to retention problems, communication is fault, disengagement and create doubt.

A leader does not have the emotional intelligence is not able to measure the needs, desires and expectations of effective those who drive them. Leaders who react with their emotions without filtering them to create mistrust between staff and seriously harm their working relationship. Reaction with erratic emotions can be detrimental to the general culture, attitudes and positive feelings towards the company and the mission. Good leaders must be themselves and to understand how their verbal and non-verbal can affect the team informed.

To understand the skills of emotional intelligence required for effective leadership, I recommend that you determine where you stand on the items below.

Self evaluation: This may come as capable of their own feelings, strengths, weaknesses, values ​​and drivers to recognize and understand their impact on others are defined.

Without thinking, we can not really understand who we are, why we are. Some decisions on what we are good and where we too short order to reach your maximum potential, you have confidence in who you are, understand the good with the bad. Those who have a deep understanding of who they are and what they want to work, can improve on a regular basis.

This twenty three years old young entrepreneur wants to change the way you listen to music

music streaming service and part social network is part Zyer a new mobile application that seeks to create a unique spin on how people can interact with music. While some musicians able to build a series of successes through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, the truth is that music is not the main objective of these networks. Billed as “Instagram for music fans and musicians,” is that Zyer meet with a variety of interesting features for both musicians and music lovers of the social network’s mission is twofold. They do not want just to make it more easy for people to share and discover, to make music, but also for the musicians with fans to connect specifically about their music, while promoting their brands.

Many people express themselves through music and creative Zyer this a driving force behind the Bank’s success. Users capable of songs they like on their wall, the network is like them and view trailers. People will not only their contacts Zyer be either restricted, like everything posted on the network can also be shared on other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter the above.

This project is the brainchild of Anthony Cimiglia, an entrepreneur of technology 23-year-old who also runs an application development company called Cimapps. After graduating with a BBA in business and small business operations Baruch College, Anthony has been hard at Zyer. He spent his high school days and college working as a waiter in an Italian restaurant; the economies of hard work served Zyer the starting capital. I sat talking with Anthony Zyer me.

What attracted you to become Zyer?

AC: scroll through Instagram and remember many people posting screenshots of the songs they hear. I wanted a network where music lovers can discover songs for others to create full-length parts.

How would you describe Zyer ultimate vision in one sentence?

AC: The ultimate vision is to develop the music industry in the future and the past.

What is the individual who most need Zyer?

AC: Zyer allows people, the music of the people, they discover the music of Discover.

Do you have everything you surprised to learn while learning the industry and the construction of the application?

AC: It was very interesting to know how difficult it is for musicians to make their mark and all the different elements that go into in order to grow into a successful artist.

What is the most important trend that you see happening in the music industry?

AC: Streaming music is here to stay.

What obstacles did you face in the business and how did you overcome them?

AC: The biggest obstacle is to build an application without knowing how to program. I am very pleased with our Lead Programmer Antonio have connected. He was able to build a beta version in my personal budget, to validate the concept. Now we have started to have money and a great team of programmers led by Antonio, who did a great job with the live version of Zyer.

Where do you see Zyer is next year and in the next 5 years?

AC: In the next year, I go to see how Zyer social network to share and discover music. In 5 years Zyer find the Facebook music when all you can think of related music, you are able to reach its interior and Zyer.

What is the best advice you could give to other entrepreneurs who want to launch an application?

AC: Do not give up and never let anyone tell you that you do not fulfill your dreams. Your dreams are supposed to be your reality, it is up to you to make the transition.

Marcus Lemonis Doubles Down the Business

The profit of Marcus Lemonis is pleased to invest his own money in small businesses to fight, but his is a basic rule, it is always 100 percent responsible.

This arrangement is not good, Minis sit with Tonnie Rozier, the founder of New York Cupcake Boutique Tonnie. Although Rozier was emergency aid after borrowing $ 250,000 from his wife Erenisse while money still for his business, the keys of his business, Lemonis felt like a kick in the stomach.

Like many entrepreneurs, Rozier thrived on his own perseverance and tenacity, stubbornness, but had a disorder his judgment for years, leave a product that is too expensive to sell just to break even. Even with the help of friends and family, refused to change his model Rozier.

“Tonnie not on his wife, who is investing a lot of money is to hear, and he does not know his sister, who works there for practically free,” Lemonis said during Tuesday’s episode.

Having invested previously in bankruptcy Crumbs Gourmet Cupcake chain Lemonis knows a thing or two about reviving the confectionery business. To get help Tonnie is back on his feet, he invested $ 125,000 for 25 percent of companies, most of the debt of the company, wipe, and convinced Rozier to delay plans for a new business Newark, New Jersey.

Some of the changes he made Tonnie included the renovation of the store at a assembly line process to implement their cupcake, frosting, and select the trim in the client. It reduces production costs by baking a large bakery in the Bronx, the cupcakes with Rozier secret family recipe.


As anger of bird flu rises Hampton Creek

This 23-year-old entrepreneur wants to change the way you listen to music Change

11 things make people productive ultra differently

9 Amazing Home Automation business you need to know

5 aspects emotional intelligence required for effective leadership

More importantly, Lemonis has Rozier to trust others and be willing to take advice. What? Through dialogue. If Rozier reluctant to cede control of the company are invited Lemonis wife and sister of the company founder, weighing. After they expressed their support for the process Lemonis, Rozier was quickly on board.

“In my opinion, it is fair to let go was” Rozier said in an interview with Inc. “I do this job for 20 years and I’ve always had my own words and my own way. The only thing I have done since [Marcus invested] is so different to talk to me and actually listen to. ”

After the reopening of the Minis Tonnie, the company went from losing almost $ 100 per day to generate a gross profit of $ 400 per day, which equates to $ 140,000 per year. At the end of the year Rozier gross margin is expected to exceed that figure.

“It was not long ago, I focused on just opening stores,” said Rozier. “Now I focus on building an empire that is built to last.”

Stay tuned for more weekly recaps.

As Marcus Lemonis has Burger Joint Turned absence of a cash cow

Marcus Lemonis is not white friend restaurateur Did he is, a good burger when he sees one.

If the host of CNBC Profit, founder of Staten Island, New York-based Standard Burger, one of the first things he noticed the company was non-compliant products frozen patties. Behind operators lousy food sector, which were co-founded four who could barely get through a meal without a fight.

“I’m in the business where there was a controlled chaos,” said Lemonis during the episode. “This place is a chaos without control.”

An example of this is that too many cooks in the kitchen, all partners had fired other jobs outside the standard burgers, and the only person she knew with a restaurant experience: Co-owner brother Sammy Lazoja Fuji. trust issues between the partners had even led to a co-owner of the installation of security cameras in the backoffice.

In fulfilling its founder, Lemonis burger standard target genes discovered nearly $ 400,000 in sales year lose about $ 60,000 per year. To turn around the business, he agreed to $ 130,000 to invest 30 percent of the company, if only goal Each partner has a further $ 15,000.

“Show me that it is not only a hobby and your money where your mouth is,” said Lemonis. Standard Burger received a call for an opinion does not return.

Here are four steps Lemonis was to save the company itself.

1. Put people first. Perhaps the Lemonis has significant amendments hamburger standard was to establish order among the partners and not to tolerate the infighting. Lemonis gave Fuji Lazoja complete control over the kitchen, called a co-owner full time Managing Partner Joseph Tranchina, and distrust facilitated by removing all surveillance cameras in the back office.

2. Rethinking the recipe. The change from frozen ingredients to sell fresh ground beef, gourmet artisan cheese and bread resulted in an upscale hamburger What The companies could be as much as $ 14. “It is not enough [Fuji] fresh meat, it is objective Taking the time to use the right seasonings and blends right,” Lemonis said. “That’s how a specialty hamburger should be run.”

3. Cultivate margins. One way Lemonis increased profitability through the implementation was high-margin products, such as baked potatoes and ice cream and sweet potato fries and fried yuca offers in addition to traditional chips.

4. Rearrange the restaurant. The renewal of a given month Burger standard Lemonis called by 52 expired, resulting in a space “warmer and more friendly” and more than 100 customer sites in total, before conversion.

With standard burger on the way, beat more than $ 1 million in annual sales – triple previous back its – Lemonis decided to Staten Island holiday use as a prototype for a national restaurant chain.

“What I ended up investing in a national concept, which I think is working,” said Lemonis. “My investment was well worth it.”

Stay tuned for more weekly recaps.

Marcus Lemonis lessons to invest $ 14 million “The Profit ‘

Lemonis is not paid for his CNBC show.

Best ways to be more productive

Among the many breaks do not like the way the incredible productivity, but after tons of research so that you regularly eaters is a surefire way to make more. One study showed, 20 minutes of yoga brain function, the other would take a nap seriously improve memory improve significantly, while a third suggested that just under an hour of work followed by a 15 minute break was ideal work habits could.

But what if you only have 40 minutes to take a nap or even 15 minutes to sit down and back? If this sounds like you, do not worry. Science has an alternative that can also enjoy the manic busy entrepreneurs. A recent study of Australia even 40 seconds enough to refresh your brain, as long as the right thing with these seconds.
The incredible power of nature

So what is this magic 40 second response? Something so simple you do not even need to leave your chair to do so – just look out the window at something green.

This is one of the final conclusions of the study on the impact of so-called green roofs, like the nine hectares of Facebook is installed at the head office, not on the environment (they certainly have), but for workers in nearby, To test the effects of the green with an umbrella in your line of sight, the research team showed the study participants pictures of your average concrete roof or indoor plant one, then tested their ability to perform a boring task, undermines careful.

Just a quick glance in a green landscape, they found had a measurable impact on productivity. “This study has shown us that looking at a picture of nature for less than a minute was enough to help people do better in our work,” lead researcher Kate Lee explained. “It’s really important to have micro-fractures. It’s something many of us, of course, if we stressed or mentally exhausted. There is a reason that you look out the window and watch the nature, it can give help you focus on your work and maintain power over the working day. ”
Time to hit the garden center?

It is a simple statement (and one that many previous studies Jive), the evidence useful for stressed office workers looking for an easy way to be updated, but it is also clear action entrepreneurs as well. Although it would be ideal if the business got off cracking on building a green roof, until it happens patterns can help the brain keep their team in their most productive simply to ensure that they can easily Naturblick in one form or another.

Rethink your office layout of your view-blocking curtains, wall art, or the number of potted plants in your room might be just enough to help your team be more done and be more happy to do so. The decision in favor of natural materials such as wood could help unpainted.

Is not it time you made a trip to the garden center?

Do you want to change behavior of the employee?

When it comes to influencing the behavior of employees, there is no need for evil, black magic.

lazy employee 300x142 Do you want to change behavior of the employee?

Simple things like getting your employees to make money can put a (k) program 401 are made with a simple hack brain. If you do the opt-in program, it will enjoy some employees. But make the opt-out plan because many companies have done, and more staff will remain.

This is an example of a process to influence behavior that uses the force of inertia, laziness or.

When it comes to influence people to take a particular action is simple. “If we want to influence the behavior of other people, we have easy desirable behavior and difficult to undesirable behavior” Art Markman, professor of psychology and marketing at the University of Texas and author of intelligent thought, wrote in Harvard Business Review.

Markman says this school of thought on Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein Nudge book is based. “The human cognitive system is to achieve the best possible outcome for the lowest possible energy costs,” he explains.

When it comes to decisions, the old school of thought was that the information inspired decisions. If true, Markman says, is a better explanation as energy “is the key currency, which is the cognitive system of it, to preserve it.”

Markman says that the brain only 3 percent of a person, body weight, but it uses up a quarter of the daily energy supply of a person. This is where the key to influence many decisions: People need to think about energy, and keep the brain functioning. The time a person think of a decision to move proportional to the amount of energy that the brain uses to make this decision.

So if you want someone to take a particular decision, you should make it easier for them to do so. In short, people are lazy.

“People want the amount of time and energy they spend brains to think of a choice and also to minimize the amount of time and physical energy, they minimize the expenses made for the introduction of measures after the election, “says Markman. When people enter daily actions, they are possible with a single thought.


As anger of bird flu rises Hampton Creek

This 23-year-old entrepreneur wants to change the way you listen to music Change

3 Basic things Barbara Corcoran learned from their parents

5 aspects emotional intelligence required for effective leadership

11 things make people productive ultra differently

Retail and grocery stores use this type of psychological marketing to their customers. Impulse purchases such as chewing gum, candies and magazines are usually directly at checkout. “You’re not spontaneously buy these products because you have more information about this non-essential items, but based on a combination of what environment it is easy to do, people’s habits learned actions past, and results of previous discussions on a decision, “he wrote.

The same method (k) opt-out program 401 used can be used for other initiatives. If you can your employees to start work at 7:00, you must unlock the doors of your office right at 7 clock to get by 18.00 hours, the program allows the computer to a warning 15 minutes to 5: give 45 clock and plan your air conditioning system to turn off at 6.

“On the environment to change this orientation or reinforce all sorts of behaviors,” says Markman. In order to curb the number of smokers in the US, for example, prohibits smoking in public health campaign offices, restaurants, airplanes and trains. Today, only 20 percent of US residents smoke, compared to 50 percent in the 1960th year